Broos Stoffels, Graphic Design Ambroos Stoffels, Grafisch Ontwerp

"Zij ziet het zonnige" is a jazzrecord by guitarist Karel Van Deun

The record is the first vinyl release by the Belgian multidisciplinary label bwaa. The music is recorded in 2004 and was published only digital at the time. 15 years later bwaa believes the time is right to release the music on vinyl.

I interpreted both the sunny music and title quite literally by designing a giant sun for the front cover. The record sleeve is risoprinted which creates tactile textures in the glow of the sun and the overlapping transparant shapes. Risoprint has a limited print area which forced me to create a smaller back cover. This constraint inspired me to design the cover like a cassette sleeve which suites the previous releases of bwaa (4 tapes) very well.

printed by printstudio 868
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